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  • "Policy Ideology in European Mass Publics, 1981--2016." American Political Science Review. (with Devin Caughey and Tom O'Grady)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data | Data on European Ideology
  • "Politics in Forgotten Governments: The Partisan Composition of County Legislatures and County Fiscal Policies." Journal of Politics. (with Justin de Benedictis-Kessner)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "On the Representativeness of Primary Electorates." British Journal of Political Science. (with John Sides, Chris Tausanovitch, and Lynn Vavreck)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Geography, Uncertainty, and Polarization." Political Science Research and Methods. (with Nolan McCarty, Jonathan Rodden, Boris Shor, and Chris Tausanovitch)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • 2019

  • "Local Elections and Representation in the United States." Annual Review of Political Science.
  • "Does Global Warming Increase Public Concern About Climate Change?" Journal of Politics. (with Parrish Bergquist)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Public Opinion in Subnational Politics." Journal of Politics. (with Devin Caughey)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • 2018

  • "The Ideological Nationalization of Partisan Subconstituencies in the American States." Public Choice. July, 2018. 187(1-2):133-151. (with Devin Caughey and James Dunham)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Policy Preferences and Policy Change: Dynamic Responsiveness in the American States, 1936-2014." American Political Science Review. May, 2018. 112(2): 249-266. (with Devin Caughey)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data | Policy and Opinion Estimates
    Winner of the award for best paper on State Politics & Policy at the 2014 American Political Science Conference.
  • "Spatial Variation in Messaging Effects." Nature Climate Change. News & Views. Review of "Experimental effects of climate messages vary geographically." April, 2018.
  • "Does the Ideological Proximity Between Candidates and Voters Affect Voting in U.S. House Elections?" Political Behavior. March, 2018. 40(1): 223-245. (with Chris Tausanovitch)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Latent Constructs in Public Opinion."Oxford Handbook on Polling and Polling Methods. R. Michael Alvarez and Lonna Atkeson, ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    Link to Book | Chapter
  • 2017

  • "Partisan Gerrymandering and the Political Process: Effects on Roll-Call Voting and State Policies." Election Law Journal. December, 2017. 16(4): 453-469. (with Devin Caughey and Chris Tausanovitch)
    Abstract | Paper
  • "Incremental Democracy: the Policy Effects of Partisan Control of State Government." Journal of Politics. October, 2017. 79:4 (1342-1358) (with Devin Caughey and Yiqing Xu)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Renewable energy policy design and framing influence public support in the United States." Nature Energy July, 2017. (with Leah Stokes)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "Estimating Candidates' Political Orientation in a Polarized Congress." Political Analysis. Spring, 2017. 25(2). (with Chris Tausanovitch).
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • 2016

  • "The Dynamics of State Policy Liberalism, 1936-2014." American Journal of Political Science. October, 2016. 60(4): 899-913 (with Devin Caughey).
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data | Media coverage in The Boston Globe
    Winner of the APSA award for the best journal article on state politics in 2016.
  • "Mayoral Partisanship and Municipal Fiscal Policy" Journal of Politics. October, 2016. 78(4): 1124-1138 (with Justin de Benedictis-Kessner).
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data
  • "The Application of Big Data in Surveys to the Study of Elections, Public Opinion, and Representation." 2016. Computational Social Science: Discovery and Prediction. R. Michael Alvarez, ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Link to Book | Chapter
  • 2015

  • "Dynamic Estimation of Latent Public Opinion Using a Hierarchical Group-Level IRT Model." Political Analysis. Spring, 2015. 23(2). (with Devin Caughey).
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data | dgo R Package | Example vignettes
  • 2014

  • "Representation in Municipal Government." American Political Science Review. August, 2014. 108(3). (with Chris Tausanovitch)
    Abstract | Paper | Replication Data | Media coverage in The Economist, USA Today, C-Span's Washington Journal, ...
  • 2013

  • "Measuring Constituent Policy Preferences in Congress, State Legislatures and Cities". Journal of Politics. April 2013. 75(2). (with Chris Tausanovitch).
    Abstract | Paper | Online Appendix A | Online Appendix B | Policy Preference Estimates
  • 2012

  • "How Should We Measure District-Level Public Opinion on Individual Issues?" Journal of Politics. January 2012. 74(1). (with Jonathan Rodden).
    Abstract | Paper | Online Appendix | Replication Data
  • "The Political Economy of Expropriation and Privatization of National Oil Companies." 2012. Oil and Governance: State-Owned Enterprises and the World Energy Supply. David G. Victor, David Hults, and Mark thurber, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Abstract | Link
  • "Democratization and Countermajoritarian Institutions: the Role of Power and Constitutional Design In Self-Enforcing Democracy." 2012. Comparative Constitutional Law and Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (with Susan Alberts and Barry R. Weingast).
    Abstract | Link
  • 2011

  • "Business as Usual? Analyzing the Doctrinal Development of Environmental Standing Doctrine since 1976." Summer 2011. Harvard Law and Policy Review. Volume 5.2 (with Gregory Wannier).
    Abstract | Paper
  • Papers Under Review

  • "Using Screeners to Measure Respondent Attention on Self-Administered Surveys: Which Items and How Many?" (with Adam Berinsky, Michele Margolis, and Mike Sances)
  • "The Impact of Partisan Gerrymandering on Political Parties" (with Nicholas Stephanopoulos)
    Abstract | Paper
  • "Elections and Parties in Environmental Politics" (with Parrish Bergquist)
    Prepared for the Handbook on U.S. Environmental Policy, ed. David Konisky
  • "Accountability for the Economy at All Levels of Government in United States Elections" (with Justin de Benedictis-Kessner)
    Abstract | Paper
  • Ongoing and Early Stage Projects

  • Book Project: "Dynamic Democracy: Citizens, Politicians, and Policymaking in the American States, 1936-2016" (with Devin Caughey)
    (Advance contract at University of Chicago Press)

    Expert Reports

  • League of Women Voters v. Pennsylvania General Assembly: "An Evaluation of the Partisan Bias in Pennsylvania’s Congressional District Plan and its Effects on Representation in Congress"
    Expert Report | Media coverage in Wired
  • Non-Academic Articles

  • G.O.P. Senators Might Not Realize It, but Not One State Supports A.H.C.A. NY Times. June 14, 2017. (with David Broockman)
    Methods Appendix
  • Dormant Projects

  • "Responsiveness and Election Proximity in the United States Senate"
    Abstract | Paper
  • "How Should We Choose Survey Questions to Measure Citizens' Policy Preferences?" (with Chris Tausanovitch).
    Abstract | Paper